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The NDG is affiliated to the BHS. If you would like to become a member please download the membership form below or book online. Our membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December each year but you can join anytime.


NDG does not have a junior section, membership is restricted to people aged 18 years and over

Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to the all new FAQ section!

If you have any questions you think would be useful to include in this section please feel free to submit them via our on line feedback form here >


What are the benefits of joining the NDG?

We hold regular competitions open to all and training for members only – flat and jumping – with accredited trainers, as well as special events like training camp weekends, training clinics with BD judges and other well known people, social activities and the opportunity of representing the club at area riding club competitions and qualifiers for National finals in various disciplines. We welcome non-members to come and see what we do or talk to any of our Committee about the Club.


The Club is 'affiliated' to the British Riding Clubs (BRC) – this is part of the BHS and so discounts and Indemnity insurance cover is part of your membership fee. BRC will send you a quarterly 'Rider' magazine with news, results and articles too.

If I join part way through the membership year (1st January - 31st December, will my membership run for a full 12 months?

Only if you join by 1st January each year. Our rider membership year currently runs in line with our AGM and Accounts /Audit reports – from 1st January to 31st December in line with BRC requirements. There is also a social membership of £15 for non-riders who want to benefit from being BRC/BHS member. We do not have junior (under 18) members. See membership page for further details, including our Early Bird offer commencing 1st October.

What does the Committee do?

Your Committee of 12 are paid up members of the Club and volunteer their help. They meet regularly to agree the club activities etc on behalf of its members. As well as the main 'officers' of the Club (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) each person is allocated specific jobs to share the work. The Committee also take turns to organise and run shows, training and other activities. The fixture list, entry forms and web site (with photos!) gives contact details.

Are members told how the club spends its funds?

Yes ! We are audited every year and those accounts are presented at the AGM in November. All members receive an invitation to the AGM. If you have any specific questions these can be asked via the website feedback form.

Can non-members (18 and over) attend training sessions?

The NDG's standard training sessions and camp are restricted to members only. The NDG does on occasion run "special" training sessions with trainers such as Stephen Clarke and Pammy Hutton; these training sessions are usually open to non members to attend and this will be confirmed via the training schedule.

Why does the club have shows and training at different venues?

This is because NDG does not 'own' a venue – saving membership money and seeking the best value for money from each venue we hire for each event. Also we try to deliver shows and training at a variety of places and days to help cover the wide area of membership across the North West. We do not aim to make a profit from all events but provide a good service for members and this is transparent in our annual accounts presented at our AGM.

How much is it to compete?

Dressage test entry fees are £15.00 per test for NDG/BRC members. Competitions are not open to non-members at the moment. Other competitions like Combined Training or Area Qualifiers will differ – each competition has an entry form on the web site or contact that show organiser for information.

Can I help out at shows and training?

Yes, please! We ask all members to help at least once a year and volunteering to help can be like a 'free' training session - writing, stewarding or scoring - as you are sure to benefit from what you see and learn. Please contact Linda Rogers: 07745 997140 or the event organiser. Area competitions also need helpers from each Club – Janet Zaldats welcome Area helpers. The Club has decided to offer helpers a contribution towards travel costs of £10 per half day – funded by the helpers fee part of the membership.

Can you explain how the NDG competition points work? And how they are awarded

Points are awarded to all competing NDG Members scoring 60% or above. In line with BD, points are awarded as follows:


- 60 - 61.99% = 1 point

- 62 - 63.99% = 2 points

- 64 - 65.99% = 3 points

- 66 - 67.99% = 4 points

- 68 - 69.99% = 5 points

- 70 - 71.99% = 6 points

- 72% + = 7 points



All classes are eligible for NDG points.

Each LEVEL (Prelim*, Novice*, Elementary and Medium/Ad.Medium + Novice, Elementary & Medium Freestyle classes) has a Points winner who is awarded an Annual Trophy at the NDG Championships.


Points are published on the website after each competition and Points Winners published shortly before the NDG Championship show in October. There is also an "Overall" Highest Points Trophy winner for each Season. Points totalled from one class only.


* As there are 2 classes at each of these levels, in the event of a tie, the trophy will be awarded to the more advanced (B) test.


These points roll on year-on-year as a record of your horse's success at NDG and also to encourage riders to 'move up' a level. PRELIM classes have a limit of 70 NDG points at the start of the season, or 15 BD points at Novice or above.

Can you ride at NDG competitions if you have BD points?

Yes to BD usual limits - but not in Prelim (unless HC) ie: Prelim 0 points, Novice up to 124 BD, Elementary up to 199 BD and Medium up to 299 BD points. This is in line with BRC rules for area qualifiers and finals. Higher level tests are available for members only.


Please see BRC / BD websites if you want rules on how to down grade your horse.

At most shows there are classes for Dressage to Music – how do I get started?

We encourage riders to try Freestyle Dressage to Music as we also enter members for the spring Freestyle area qualifiers for the BRC national finals. Getting started - is not an easy question but most of our trainers and committee members have experience in Freestyle so please ask us! The rules are the same as BD Freestyle. For qualifiers, riders need to be music members of British Dressage (about £25 a year) and music registered for PPL purposes.

HC and training tests – what are they?

These are non-competitive entries - Training tests may be available to non-members if entry numbers do not warrant a class – at all levels – the show organiser will contact you to explain. Points will still be awarded.

NDG, BRC, BD and other rules – how do I know if I am correct?

Rules are there to help you – and for your safety – please ask any committee member if you are unsure or visit BD/BRC web sites. The most important one is about hard hats with chinstraps to current standards – and we expect all riders to comply at all training and competitions.


Hats are checked and tagged at all Area qualifiers and randomly at our shows and training.

Is the 'Club Competition Trophy Show' open to anyone or is this something you must have qualified for?

All shows, including the annual Trophy show are open to non-members also – but only the highest placed member will win the trophy in each class. It is club policy only to awards its trophies to members – so please join the club! Only Members can qualify for our prestigious Championship show in October / November; and you must be a member at the date of entry to enter te Championship's.... see below.

How do the club's annual dressage championships work?

Northern Dressage Group Championships will be held in October each year at a venue used by the club and will be open to MEMBERS ONLY. Riders are to be a current member at time of qualification. Dates and venue are subject to availability. Trophies and sashes will be awarded to each class winner. Rosettes to 6th place and unplaced riders will receive a championship qualifier rosette. Presentation (mounted/unmounted) will take place depending on time. Arena walks will be available time permitting. Warm up classes open to members only and time permitting. If you have been placed first at two Championships in the same level, horse cannot compete at that level or below at the following year competition. This is to encourage progression to the higher levels. The committee will consider issuing Wild cards and each case will be considered individually. If combinations gain 35 BD/NDG points at a higher level this may prevent eligibility for competing at a lower level. Eligibility concerns/clarity can be checked via Dianne Wood


Qualifying rules

2021 Combinations achieving 60% at a level will be eligible to compete. It will be the responsibility of combinations to ensure eligibility. 2022 – Change to qualification rule. Combinations to attend at least 2 club shows and achieve at least60% for qualification. It will be the responsibility of the rider to ensure eligibility.

If I qualify for a championship and I have to provide qualification dates, e.g for Aintree's own unaffiliated championships, is there any way of finding out this information?

All show results are on our web site but the Championship show organiser would be happy to help also. You will get a letter confirming your qualification and details of how to enter.

What annual trophies are presented and when?

Each class up to Medium has a Points Champion and also a Championship show trophy – presented at our Spring Championships - plus we have a summer Trophy show. Members must sign for these and return them when requested.


We also give some special awards at our AGM in November including, Most Versatile Horse and Most Improved Rider. Some of the Area Qualifiers also have annual trophies and these are also presented at our AGM.

How much is it to attend training sessions?

Training fees are aimed at covering costs so the cost to members varies according to type of training, number in group, venue etc. See tariff page on the website for approx costs and our fixture list for contact details. One example is £15 for a one hour small group jump class.


Organisers can advise about availability of places. Please note we have a strict withdrawal policy – once booked the fee must be paid unless a replacement member can be found - to cover costs.

How does the training work?

Please contact each organiser, listed on the training schedule,  they will explain the size of groups, who the trainer is, what your preferences are on time and what level/special requirements you have. We try to make sure everyone gets the best out of training so please give the organiser your feedback.

Can Non-Members (18 and over) attend shows and training?

Shows yes – but not training – though non-members are welcome to attend 'on foot' with the organiser and trainer's agreement to see what we provide.  The NDG's standard training sessions and annual camp are restricted to members only. The NDG does on occasion run "special" training sessions or clinics with trainers such as Stephen Clarke and Pammy Hutton; these training sessions are usually open to non-members to attend and this will be confirmed via the training schedule.

Can you explain the Teams and Area Qualifiers for National finals?

The Club is 'affiliated' to the British Riding Clubs movement (part of BHS) and we are in Area 3 – also called the Northern Liaison Group (NLG) . That group represents us at National level and also runs the NW area qualifier shows in Show Jumping , Horse Trials and three dressage shows – in Summer, Winter and the spring Freestyle qualifiers. There are numerous other classes too and some direct entries to finals - Showing & Veteran classes.


NDG has an excellent record at the Area and Nationals and the club supports riders who volunteer/are selected to ride for the club and pay the entry fee/stabling at the Nationals.


More details appear on the Team Area about two months before an area show as entries close early, one month in advance. To register your interest contact Janet Zaldats as the rules and entry procedures are lengthy and we are here to co-ordinate and help. We need you on the team so please do volunteer.

If I win at an Area qualifier what does that mean?

That could mean you will represent the Club at a BRC national finals at Lincoln, Hartpury or even Royal Windsor Show! The Club supports you and pays that entry fee and some costs - e.g. stabling.

Passports and Vaccinations?

All riders know the rules about horse passports – but BRC also has rules about correct and up to date vaccinations at their qualifiers and shows. Not only must the annual vax be correct, but the start or re-start dates must also be right. We ask all members to responsibly check their vax and note that you will be asked to produce your vax cert/passport at all BRC area comps and finals. See the BRC Rule Book for more details

What are the benefits of being a member of a British Riding Club (BRC)

Part of your membership fee (about £12) goes to the BRC office and this gives you:


  1. Third party insurance cover when at any riding club event
  2. Quarterly copy of the BRC Rider Magazine
  3. Special offers on their web site – e.g. reduced rates for Badminton 2016
  4. Eligibility to represent your Club at an Area qualifier and National final in various disciplines
  5. More on the BRC benefts can be found on the BRC website


Please see our competition pages for qualifier dates and don’t be afraid to volunteer – a month in advance - for any of the disciplines – not just dressage!


Unique disciplines to BRC – Riding Test and Style Jumping plus Quadrille qualifiers Also – NDG is part of the Northern Liaison Group of British Riding Clubs in the North West


Members rates of entry fees at any other BRC-affiliated club on production of your BRC card

Members only training at cost or discount for clinics

NLG trophies to winners of area qualifiers


We hope in future to get more of the Clubs in our area working together for the benefit of all members – so watch this space!

What is the NDG refund policy

Cancellation of Competitions:

- Class refundS will be provided, however this will NOT include HorseMonkeyM or Stripe fees. This is classed as an administration fee.

- Entries can be transferred to another competition within the same competition season.


- Once a member has paid for a place on a team then refunds will not be provided if they pull out.

- If a replacement can be found and the place filled then a refund can be offered without the HM or Stripe fee (if applicable).

- Should a member withdraw due to serious illness or injury then the refund should be reviewed in each individual circumstances.



- No refunds.



- No refunds unless place can be filled. If an event is cancelled monies can be refunded without HM or Stripe fee. In additional they can be transferred to another training event.



- Entries can be transferred for like for like events.

- No HM or Stripe fees to be refunded. This is an administration fee.

- No top-ups although consideration would be given on merit for a cash top up towards another event. (This would save the member/non-member money in the long run)

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